Fotomerchant Lightroom Exporter


The Fotomerchant Lightroom Exporter is a plugin for Lightroom 3.x or above which allows you to upload your photos from your Lightroom Catalog directly in to your Fotomerchant account.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux
Lightroom Version: 3.x and above (yes, that means 4 and 5)
Download: Fotomerchant-Exporter-32bit-v2.1.0
Download (64bit): Fotomerchant-Exporter-64bit-v2.1.0

Download the latest Fotomerchant Lightroom Exporter

To install the Fotomerchant Lightroom Exporter

Follow our Installing the fotomerchant lightroom exporter tutorial for a visual walkthrough.

  • Download the plugin and extract using a zip utility
  • Open up Adobe Lightroom
  • Click menu: File > Plugin Manager
  • In the pop-up window, click the “Add” button in the bottom left hand corner. Find the Fotomerchant Export Plugin on your computer and the click ‘Add Plug-in’ button.
  • Click the ‘Done’ button and the plugin is now installed

To start using the Fotomerchant Lightroom Exporter

Follow the How to use the Fotomerchant Lightroom Exporter tutorial for a visual walkthrough.

  • Select a couple of photos from your Lightroom catalog
  • Click the Export button (bottom left or via the Lightroom Menu)
  • In the ‘Export to’ drop down menu at the top of the page, select ‘Fotomerchant Exporter’
  • Under ‘Fotomerchant Account’ click the ‘login’ button and enter the email and password you use to sign in to your Fotomerchant account
  • Your Galleries will now be available for selection. Choose the Gallery you would like to upload to.
  • File Naming: leave blank unless you would like to bulk-rename your images to be uploaded
  • File Settings: We would suggest setting the quality to 90% and leave the colour space as sRGB
  • Image Resizing: For faster uploading of images you can upload a medium resolution file for display on your website – set the ‘Resize to fit’ option to ‘long edge’ and the pixel size to 1600. If you sell a print product or digital file that is a higher resolution that the image you upload, you can replace it with a higher resolution image once an order has been placed. For full order automation you should upload your images at their original resolution. If in doubt, do not resize.
  • Press the ‘Export’ button and your images will start uploading into your chosen Gallery.

You can repeat this process even while your other images are uploading.