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Common questions about Pricing

How does the 14-day free trial work?

Simply sign up and follow the prompts and within a few minutes you will have started your fourteen day trial. You’re free to create galleries, upload images and build your website. You will not be asked to enter any credit card information unless you make a sale that requires products to be printed and shipped from our lab partners (we need to pay for the wholesale cost of goods sold).

Is there a minimum commitment?

Fotomerchant is a subscription service (monthly and yearly) without any long-term contract. You’re free to cancel at any time: there are no setup fees or cancellation fees.

Can I change my plan at any time?

You can downgrade or upgrade your plan at any time with a limit of one upgrade and one downgrade per month. Changes are instant and your next billing cycle will be charged pro-rata.

What if I cant build my site during the trial period?

Firstly, don’t stress! If you would like an extension to your trial you only have to ask. If you’ve decided that Fotomerchant is suitable for what you want to do, you can upgrade to a paid plan and continue building your website. The world won’t know about your website until you start promoting it so you can work on it for as long as you like before you announce it to the world :)

What if I already have a website?

There’s a couple of things you can do here:

1) Keep building your new Fotomerchant website until you’re satisfied that it’s good to launch and then transfer your existing website domain across to start working with your new website.

2) Another popular alternative is to just use the shopping cart functionality. All you need to do is put a link on your existing website like “client galleries” and link it to your complimentary Fotomerchant website address, and then put a link on your Fotomerchant website that points back at your main website. Easy peasy.

I’m on an older plan, can I get the new plans?

Yes. To take advantage of the new plans all you have to do is go to the my plans page in your Fotomerchant account and choose the new plan to switch to.

How do I get paid?

The Total Order Value will be placed directly into your PayPal account, minus the PayPal Transaction Fees applicable to your country. Any related print, shipping and transaction fees will then be deducted from your credit card within 14 days.

How can my customers pay for things through my website?

All sales through your website will pass through PayPal’s payment gateway which, depending on your country of origin, will allow your customers to make payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Check or PayPal transfer.

My country is not listed, can I still use Fotomerchant?

Fotomerchant is currently available in more than 80 countries around the world and we plan to bring on even more countries in the near future. If your country isn’t available yet, join our mailing list to be alerted when we launch in your country.

Where can I find the lab pricing?

To see the full list of products, pricing and services offered through our partner labs, just sign up for a free account.

What about security? I’m worried that people will steal my images

Fotomerchant offers a suite of options to best protect your images including: disabled right-click download (any attempted theft will result in an useless invisible image), dynamic watermarking (with your brand and image, keeping your original safe and out of public view), secure and robust image encryption to ensure thieves cannot guess higher rez files, password and multi-level login protected galleries.

Can I use my own website address?

Yes, you can move your existing website domain to work with your Fotomerchant website if you sign up to the Grow, Streamline or Automate plans.

I’m not very technical, will I be able to use it?

Absolutely! Some of our happiest customers are self-confessed luddites! You don’t need to know how to program or anything about HTML (though it might come in useful if you want to take things to the next level). Keep an eye out for our Kick Start Tutorials which will walk you through everything you need to create a website with print and digital products for sale.

Do I need to be a Full Color, Nulab or Bond Imaging customer in order to use your service?

No, you do not need to have an account or prior history with any of our lab partners. If you encounter any issues with your print orders, the Fotomerchant support team will follow it up and ensure it is resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. The best way to get help on any matter is to click the “Help & Support” button within the admin area of your Fotomerchant website.

I have my own lab, do I have to use yours?

No, you can still use your existing lab or take care the prints yourself via the Self Fulfilment product options. Fotomerchant will handle the sales and invoicing process and then it’s up to you to manage the order fulfilment from there.

How many photos can I upload and do I have to resize them?

You can upload an unlimited amount of photos to Fotomerchant and you do not have to worry about resizing your images unless you want to. You can upload your highest resolution JPEG images and our system will automatically generate all the preview images and watermarked images that appear on your website. If uploading speed is important, you can upload lower resolution images and then replace them with higher resolution images once you’ve made a sale.

What makes you better than your competitors?

Good question. There are a lot of excellent solutions out there and we would recommend you research or trying them all to find what best suits your particular needs. We believe that Fotomerchant offers some amazing flexibility around managing multiple products and pricing models, our customers love the ease in which they can build a great looking website as well as the growing range of tools designed to increase your productivity. Our extremely competitive transaction fees, which are as low as 0%, are another major improvement over our competitors. We invite you to compare us and hope that you’ll join us.

The fine print

* Fotomerchant charges a Transaction Fee on the total retail value of any order placed through your account, before tax and before any discounts are applied. Transaction Fees are charged to your credit card within 14 days of an order being processed. During the 14 day trial period, all orders will have 0% (zero percent) Transaction Fees applied to the total.

** On the “Automate” plan (yearly or monthly), Fotomerchant charges a processing & delivery fee for Digital Products of $0.10 per megapixel when sold through a Fotomerchant website. For example, when a Digital Product is sold that is 4 megapixels in resolution it will have a processing & delivery cost of $0.40 (4 x $0.10). This fee does NOT apply to images uploaded to a Fotomerchant account.

† Free website domain is available available on the “Streamline” plan (yearly only) and the “Automate” plan (monthly and yearly). Free website domain to the value of $25 per year (subject to availability), automatically renewed every year that you remain on the “Streamline (yearly) or Automate” plan. Available domain extensions: .com .net .biz .name .info .org.

Paid members can upload an unlimited amount of high resolution JPEG photos into their Fotomerchant account as long as the content adheres to our terms and conditions. Listed plans may be subject to volume usage restrictions.

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