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Sam Kroepsch Photography

Sam is a professional commercial photographer from South Australia who captures a wide range of images for advertising and branding. Sam has a strong focus on the wine industry and specializes in Wine Bottle Photography and most things wine related.

“I’ve been using Fotomerchant for around 9 years now. It gives me everything I need in one place. It’s easy to use, from setting up albums, uploading right through to adding custom domains and making the website your own.”

Sam Kroepsch

Headshot Laboratory

Headshot Laboratory is a side-specialisation for Sam Oster, an arts & entertainment photographer from Adelaide. Her primary business is Silvertrace, specialising in commercial, film, TV, theatre, dance & music. photography.

“I find the interface very simple and intuitive, and like some of the built-in features around copyright and image protection, as well as the photography-focus of the service. I have since built all 4 of my websites with Fotomerchant as it’s great to not have to worry about learning other systems. Each site has its own distinct personality but the back-end management is the same and that’s helpful for efficiency. I’m not a very technical person when it comes to IT, and I find Fotomerchant simple enough to use for all facets of my website needs.”

Sam Oster

Tiny and Brave

Tiffany from Tiny And Brave is an award winning photographer with over 7 years experience and is an accredited professional Maternity, Newborn and Family Photographer with the AIPP. Tiny and Brave is based in the northern suburb of Montmorency, Melbourne.

“I’ve never been technical, especially when it comes to websites. When I planned my rebrand, I gave myself one day to see if I could make Fotomerchant look the way I envisioned. That one day was all I needed! The Fotomerchant Support team were so helpful. Everything has been made so simple, I never once felt like I couldn’t do it. Now, a little over a year in, I feel more in control than ever before, my site is everything I wanted it to be and more!”

Tiffany Selzer

Jane Long Photography

Brisbane Australia based photographer and digital artist Jane Long combines photography and compositing to create slightly surreal images that straddle the line between reality and fantasy.

“Fotomerchant gives me everything I need in one simple package. It’s easy to create new products and keep track of orders, which helps me manage my business and keep things running smoothly.”

Jane Long

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Jannah is photographer from regional Queensland Australia and has operated her business for 9 years. Jannah specialises in commercial photography in the real estate and construction sectors and feeds her creativity with weddings and portraits in between.

“The transition from my previous WordPress site to Fotomerchant was rather overwhelming but with the genuine friendly help and guidance from the team, I could focus on my other rebranding. The gallery space on my Fotomerchant website is easy for me to create and control and easy for my clients to shortlist and make their selections. Their experience is what is most important to me. If they can navigate the space easily, it reflects well on my business.”

Jannah Dryden

Divine Images Photography

Deanna is a Newborn Photography specialist, based in West Pennant Hills, Sydney. With over 10 years experience, Deanna is a highly sought after professional, known for her polished artworks and perfect attention to detail.

“Fotomerchant provides a professional platform for me to reach out to my clients, streamlining my workflow, saving me time and creating added cashflow. It allows me to showcase my work, gives me the ability to easily update my galleries and pages regularly, as well as add password protected, secure, client galleries with a shopping cart for direct printing capabilities. My clients can select their images for their portrait package, share their online galleries from their events, order prints or download images, without me having to do anything extra. Images are sent directly to the professional print lab partner, printed and sent directly to my clients. Fotomerchant provides me with full flexibility, it is so easy to create and maintain a beautiful and professional website.”

Deanna Brown

Derrill Grabenstein

A photographer of nearly 40 years, Derrill focuses in sharing the untold beauty of the plains of middle America. His award winning landscape images are popular the world over.

“Since I got onto the Fotomerchant platform over 6 years ago, I’ve been allowed to spend time on my photography rather than on managing my website! From the web site design process, through uploading and organizing images all the way through to the ease of use by clients, Fotomerchant has been one of most valuable pieces in my camera bag.”

Derrill Grabenstein

Your website could look as good as these with just a few clicks.

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Captured by Karlie

Karlie is a Lifestyle photographer from Brisbane Australia. Karlie is all about organic moments – the glow of a new mum-to-be, the special glance between parents adoring their bub, capturing the first steps of your child or the interaction of your family.

“If you had told me 12 months ago that I would be able to create my own Website without paying a professional, I would not have believed it. Fotomerchant has ‘walked me through’ each stage of the process with no question being too big or too small. Their prompt response and assistance allows me to be completely efficient with my precious time”.

Karlie Dowley

Peter Keepence Photography

Peter’s experience stems from humble beginnings in dark rooms over twenty years ago through to today’s digital world. Now an inspiring photographer and freelancer, his works can be admired online and are available for print via his online store.

“I have been with Fotomerchant for a few years now and my website has grown considerably. Fotomerchant has made this task a lot easier by the seamless and easy to use interface. My clients buy photos and these orders can be sent automatically to printers (Direct Fulfillment) and straight to their doorstep. It also gives me the opportunity to do Self Fulfillment where I choose the printer for my more unique prints. Fotomerchant plays a big part in what helps my business survive.”

Peter Keepence

action portraits

Visual storytelling is Ross’s passion and career. Ross has worked independently in his own business and for a global news organisation for many years. Ross aims to capture the atmosphere of the moment as it unfolds naturally in each photo.

“The Amsterdam format works well as it provides a number of different galleries to showcase my images. Most of all it’s intuitive and easy to maintain from the backend.”

Ross Schultz

ashley jayne

Outrageously passionate pet photographer, specialising in quirky, fun, images, with our custom session “Paw-Couture”. We primarily shoot dogs, but we are also pretty good at horses too!

“Fotomerchant, so easy to work with, fantastic online support, (which I have used on several occasions!) and most of all easy to access for clients to purchase prints!”

Ashley Jayne

Seedthree Photography

Megan specialises in kids photography and does a lot of work with child actors and models. Megan has been using Fotomerchant for about 7 years now.

“I can’t fault it! The customer service is exceptional and it allows me to provide a hassle free gallery service for my clients, where they can easily log on and purchase prints or order digital files. I was able to design my page using the template to create a unique gallery that seamlessly coordinates with my already existing website.”

Megan Slimmon

Your website could look as good as these with just a few clicks.

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Customer Stories

Further insights from some of our customers

Jason Asher Photography

Jason Asher Photography website is powered by Fotomerchant. Jason is a Landscape photographer who has found success selling his work on marketplace sites like Red Bubble, but has turned to Fotomerchant in order to sell a wider range of quality products and at higher profit margins. Learn more

Imajica Photography

Imajica Photography website is powered by Fotomerchant. Andrew Burns was an early adopter of Fotomerchant and uses his customised website to generate sale leads, promote his portfolio and to share private galleries with clients. Learn more

Melissa Fiene

Melissa Fiene Photography website is powered by Fotomerchant. Melissa is an award winning photographer specialising in wedding photography and through her Fotomerchant website she has seen a massive improvement in SEO traffic and received a lot more bookings through the website. Learn more

Sharon Chapman

Sharon Lee Chapman Photography website is powered by Fotomerchant. Sharon provides unique images to the horse racing industry and gets a competitive edge through her Fotomerchant website which is user-friendly to maintain, looks great and is professional. Learn more

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