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Photography has been a long time hobby for Jason Asher, but it was a holiday in the lush rain forests of the Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland that inspired him to get more serious about his work. A few years after that trip, Jason was asked by his employer to come to the Cook Islands and cover a corporate event and do landscape photography. It was a departure from his day job as a warehouse manager, and a great first gig for his fledgling business.

Although Jason has considered supplementing his landscape work with more regular work like weddings or portraits, he’s incredibly focused on improving the quality of his artwork and doesn’t want his focus split.

“I’m worried about spoiling what I’m doing now. I’m happy with my day job and don’t want photography to turn into a chore. I want it to be my primary source of income, I might have to look at diversifying, but for now I’m really pleased with things as they are. It’s not an easy compromise, balancing art with money.”


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Before Fotomerchant, Jason used Red Bubble, but he didn’t want viewers of his work to be distracted by other artists.

I wanted a website that was just my own, and I wanted it to be something I could customise myself without needing to work out how to actually build a website. Fotomerchant is an awesome solution because I can’t code, and there’s a fair amount of customisability without being too complex.

In addition to the customisable website, Jason was drawn to Fotomerchant because of the direct fulfilment service.

I wanted to be able to sell my work, but I didn’t want to organise the payment myself, or have to run around to photo labs, then the framer, and then have to ship it out. It’s good to have the peace of mind that it’s all done for me. It’s one less thing to worry about.

Jason’s work is gaining momentum and he’s incredibly focused on his craft, spending every weekend shooting as well as doing two four-week trips a year during which he immerses himself in landscape photography.

“My clients are mainly individuals looking for art pieces for their home. I’ve also got some corporate clients and I’d like to expand that clientele. My goal right now is to better myself as a photographer and to gain recognition in the art communities.”

With a healthy, supportive social media following thousands strong, and a recent successful photographic exhibition with a colleague, it seems Jason is well on his way.

You can purchase Jason’s amazing landscapes on his Fotomerchant website: www.jasonasherphotography.com