Announcement: Build your own photography website competition winners

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Build your own amazing photography website competition and helped make it a success!

We would also like to extend a big thanks to our amazing prize partners Kayell Australia for providing a $1,000 photography gear voucher, Australian Photography Magazine for a 1 year magazine subscription and the lovely Christine Tremoulet for her great Blogging Brilliantly e-book.

First Prize Winner

Special congratulations goes to Dennis Timm Photography, the winner of over $1,000 worth of photography gear in our Build your own amazing photography website competition. Dennis Timm’s website entry was selected by multi award winning photographer, Nick Ghionis and Fotomerchant Co-Founder and CTO Derek Clapham!

Dennis will receive a $1,000 Kayell Australia voucher to spend on new photography gear, including a 1 year subscription to the Australian Photography magazine, Blogging Brilliantly e-book by Christine Tremoulet and a 1 year subscription to the Fotomerchant Streamline plan.


Second place prize winners

Congratulations to our second place winners who will receive a Blogging Brilliantly e-book by Christine Tremoulet and a 1 year subscription to the Fotomerchant Streamline plan.

Third place prize winners

The following third place winners will receive a Blogging Brilliantly e-book by Christine Tremoulet and a 1 year subscription to the Fotomerchant Grow plan. Congratulations!

Judging criteria

Winners were selected based on their ability to build an aesthetically appealing website, and who demonstrated a high level of engagement with the features in the Fotomerchant platform.

Our wonderful judges would like to extend some really helpful feedback to all photographers developing their own website, as follows:

Connect with your audience

When people visit your website for the first time it is highly likely they will not immediately remember you – it might take a few visits before they do. To ensure you have every chance at being remembered, include the name of your business, logo and contact details on every page of your website.

Learn how you can instantly enhance the connection with your audience through your website.

Let your photos be the hero of your website

When taking photographs we know the impact of backdrop selection can either enhance or detract from the subject of your photograph. Applying the same rule to your website will ensure your images catch the eyes of your website visitors.

Additionally, with even the biggest corporations stealing images (not naming any names) we don’t blame you for protecting your images with watermarks that span across entire images. Whatever the case, this is completely unnecessary and does absolutely nothing to help showcase your work. With Fotomerchant’s sneaky right click security any attempted theft will only save an invisible pixel called “kittens.gif”. Try stealing some of Dennis Timm’s photos now.

Ready to create your own?

Whether you need a website, blog, client proofing or photo sales tool to easily create a more engaging online presence, Fotomerchant offers a simple and efficient platform built for photographers. Start a free Fotomerchant trial today!

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Alicia is Fotomerchant's Growth & Experience Manager. Alicia is an avid photographer with several years experience in marketing, in particular digital marketing and SEO.

  • Allan Griffin

    with response to the watermarks spanning the entire image, the feature fotomerchant has to prevent right clicking is amazing and a feature i like, however this does not prevent smartphones and tablets screenshotting the image, there was a case recently where a photographer/artist did just that with a well known glamour photographer in australia and printed the images large and was then selling the images for $100,000USD, this is an unfortunate situation that photographers try to protect from especially when selling their own images……. portfolio images is another story and a small watermark is usually sufficient. :-)


    This was supper competition on photography. Every competitors take participation with lot of enjoy. Their creative works was really good. Thanks to authority to arrange the competition.

  • great one. :)

  • Thats sounds even more better