Now accepting cash for Self Fulfillment payments


If your customers do not have the ability to use their Credit Card or PayPal accounts to pay for orders, you can now offer them Cash payment alternatives. For Self Fulfillment* orders you can now offer your customers the ability to pay with Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit. In addition, you can add your own custom payment options (such as a manually processing credit card orders) if you have the capabilities to fulfill them yourself.

You can enable this option in the Settings tab of the PhotoMerchant Admin Interface and you’ll need to accept their terms of use and read the how to “Set up your Alternative Payments” Help Desk lesson.

Payment Options

You can offer up to 4x different alternative payment options for your customers to pay for their order. You can customise the Terms of Payment as well as the Title and Description for each payment option.

  1. Cash
  2. Cheque
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. or Other (it’s up to you)

Your orders will be processed as they always have been: you will receive an email notification to process the order through your PhotoMerchant account and your customer will receive an official invoice from your photography business outlining the details of their order, but they will now also contain the Payment Terms and Payment Options.

You can log in to your account and enable this option under Settings / Store Settings / Cash on Delivery Settings (or read the help desk lesson here)

COD Terms & Conditions

You must agree to the following terms and conditions to activate the “Allow Cash On Delivery Payment Method”

  • You (the photographer) are solely responsible for arranging and accepting payment for all orders received using this payment option.
  • PhotoMerchant is not responsible for any un-paid orders.
  • PhotoMerchant will apply the Transaction Fee (relevant to your subscription plan) to all orders received using this payment option; even orders cancelled by the customer or you (the photographer). Transaction Fee’s will be charged in the same manner as PayPal processed orders.
  • The Payment Terms and Payment Options will be displayed to your customers when they click on the COD Buy Now Button.
  • The Payment Terms and Payment Options will be included in the Order Notification email sent to your customers.
  • Your customers will need to agree to your Payment Terms and Payment Options to place their order (via “Agree and Place Order” button)

* Alternative cash payment options for Direct Fulfillment are coming soon…

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  • David Craker

    Without me spending or wasting any time setting a site up with PM, can you simply confirm that payments for credit cards are now able to be taken directly without a customer having to have a PayPal account.. The idea that everyone in the world wants to set up paypal to buy a photo is rediculous..

    • Kain Tietzel

      The Credit Cards are processed via PayPal and in most circumstances your customer should be able to pay directly with their credit card. Essentially, you would have to turn off the credit card payment options from within PayPal if you did not want your customers to pay with that option, but out of the box, it should do so.

      Rather than setup a site, why not try the process using an existing photomerchant website such as