Animated sliders

Make your website pages come alive with animated sliders!

A “Slider” is a way to show off your photos with an animated object that you can add to the pages on your website. The slider animation fades between each image in an order and time interval determined by you. Take a look at the video example below…

Making a slider is easy – simply insert the photos from your Galleries and arrange into the order you want using the new drag and drop function. You can create your own custom sizes or use one our pre-designed templates. You can create as many sliders as you want and you can creating interesting effects by adding multiple sliders to your page.

This new feature has only just gone live at the time of writing this post. Check back here later for some examples of how other PhotoMerchant users are animating their photos into sliders. Better yet, share your creations in the comments below!

To add an animated slider to your PhotoMerchant website, just log in to your account and follow the steps in our Add animation to your custom pages with Sliders helpdesk tutorial.

[Update] Tutorial video: how to create a 3×3 grid of sliders

* Please note: Animated sliders are only available on the Plus+ and Premium plans. Upgrade your plan today.

Photos courtesy of Sam Harnack Studios.

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Kain is a co-founder, creative and marketing director at Fotomerchant. You've probably seen his template designs, blog posts and video content. His photography website is home to a collection of lomography, instagram and experimental photography.

  • Gold! Particularly like the one that changes from nine photos back to one big one! And love the soundtrack, made me smile :-)

  • Eddie

    Lookin real good you guys!!! Keep up the great work.

  • Darcy Paparazzi

    Looking great. I’m already a happy customer of PhotoMerchant, so I’m wrapped that it just keeps getting better!

  • Cary Leabeater

    I agree with Fiona Bell …..Gold! Particularly like the one that changes from nine photos back to one big one! And love the soundtrack, made me smile :-)………..But I have tried every which way to get something similar……but not even close!! Anyone have any idea how to create this??? Hopefully this will be more user friendly in the future!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Cary. I made the 9x synchronised sliders by creating 9 individual sliders (3×3) and then offsetting the start animation by half a second on each one. Each of the second images in each slider animation is 1/9th of an image I cut up separately in Photoshop and imported into it’s own album. I know it’s a little confusing, but when I get over this jetlag, I promise to make a tutorial.

      • Mike

        Do you know how to get two portraits to work side by side?

      • DanaDanePhotography

        when will you be making the tutorial?

        • photomerchant

          I’ve just updated this post with a video tutorial that will show you how to make the 3×3 grid for 9 synchronised sliders.

  • Mike

    I have tried to get just two sliders side by side and cant even make it do that. I arranged the two ever way I could come up with and they still play one on top and one below it. It’s a great idea but it needs to work more then just in theory. Has anyone been able to make it do what they show in the example video? I would love to get up to nine but would settle for just two side by side.

  • photomerchant

    Maybe I can do a live tutorial today:

  • photomerchant

    Have just added a video tutorial to this post on how to create a 3×3 grid as outlined in the original announcement video.