Australia Post shipping option now available through Direct Fulfillment

Your requests for a cheaper shipping option to customers within Australia have been realised. In addition to our premium shipping options via Toll, you can now offer your customers an Australia Post Domestic Shipping option for $8.00AUD, but there is a catch

The Specifications

  • Only available for prints that are sized 8×12″ and under
  • Maximum weight is 300 Grams (Approx 100g in prints + 200g internal packaging)
  • Maximum quantity of ten 8×12″ or twenty 5×7″ prints per package (or variations within these parameters).
  • Only available to Australian Direct Fulfillment customers (on the Plus+ or Premium plans)
  • Shipped via Australia Post Standard Delivery

The Packaging

  • Prints and order paperwork are bound to 3mm thick sheet of corrugated cardboard and sealed in a plastic sleeve
  • A 1mm thick cardboard is placed against plastic sleeve to protect print face
  • Cardboard sandwich is then shrink wrapped in a waterproof plastic coating
  • Single piece is then inserted into a standard C4 (324mm x 229mm) envelope
  • “Do Not Bend” sticker placed prominently across face of envelope

Activating the Australia Post Shipping option

This option is set to “off” by default. To activate this option, log in to your account, click the Settings tab, select Direct Fulfillment Settings and then set the “Allow Australia Post shipping” option to YES (see screenshot below).

Now, here’s the Catch…

Australia Post cannot guarantee that envelopes labelled “Do Not Bend” will arrive at their destination without being bent – that’s the nature of Domestic Shipping. PhotoMerchant and Nulab are offering this option as it is the only way in which we can offer a shipping product that is cheaper than the Toll Domestic Priority Service ($15.00AUD). By enabling this option to your customers, you (the photographer) must accept full liability for the prints should they be damaged on arrival. In most cases, your order should make it to you or your customers safely, but there have been occasions where the envelope has been folded in half.

We would only recommend enabling the Australia Post option if you are only planning to sell small volumes of smaller prints – where the cost of shipping may exceed the retail price of the prints. Choose this option wisely…

Shipping Option Comparison

International Priority // Toll International Priority Service = $22.00 AUD
International Priority Large // Toll International Priority Service = $42.00 AUD
Domestic Priority // Toll Domestic Priority Service = $15.00 AUD
Domestic Priority Large // Toll Domestic Priority Service = $20.00 AUD
Customer Pickup // Pre arranged pick up from the photographer = $15.00 AUD
Customer Pickup // Pre arranged pick up from the photographer = $20.00 AUD
Australia Post // Australia Post Domestic Shipping = $8.00 AUD

Overall, the Australia Post option is packaged as well as it can be in order to keep the shipping costs low. If you have ordered a “Sample Pack” from PhotoMerchant then you would have already received an example. Good luck and happy selling.

Bonus Points if you here me mention the word “completely” on more than three occasions in the video above.

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Kain is a co-founder, creative and marketing director at Fotomerchant. You've probably seen his template designs, blog posts and video content. His photography website is home to a collection of lomography, instagram and experimental photography.

  • Ken Clements

    Yes… its the moronic posties whom ignore the DO NOT BEND.. then manage/force to bend it in half to fit through letter box… The real solution is boxes.. until they find a way to force that into letter boxes.

    Is there a weight or thickness limitation to the $8 option? Usually it needs to fit through their little application guide.. how many photos does that equate to?


  • Kain Tietzel

    Hey Ken,

    As mentioned above in the specifications, the envelope can have a maximum quantity of ten 8×12″ or twenty 5×7″ prints per package (or variations within these parameters).