New Partner Pro Lab – Bond Imaging

Bond Imaging joins forces with Fotomerchant to provide premier quality pro lab services to Australian Direct Fulfillment photographers.

Bond have serviced professional photographers in Australia for over 40 years and we are very excited to make them our second Australian automated fulfilment print partner. Read more about Bond Imaging here.

If you have an Australian Fotomerchant account and would like to start printing with Bond, then simply contact the support team and we can make it happen!     

New customers can sign up today at this page to automatically have Bond Imaging set as your default Pro Lab.

Below is a summary of the products being offered with the initial release of the Fotomerchant / Bond automated fulfilment integration. A couple of exciting additions include the Free Standing Acrylic products and the True Black and White prints.

There is also a “Frequently Asked Questions” section at the end of the post but as usual if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact our support team!

Standard Prints

Lustre (E) VC With a slight stipple texture, this paper has a semi matt finish, more resistant to handling than other sensitive surfaces.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Paper backprint visibly identifies it as a paper tailored for long-lasting, professional results.

  • State-of-the-art paper emulsion technology for long-lasting prints
  • Excellent flesh tones and more saturated colours
  • Exceptional sharpness: type, graphics, images
  • Contrast optimized for digital systems

Metallic VC Metallic paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers to produce three-dimensional effect with a glossy finish.

  • Striking, distinctive, metallic eye-catching look
  • Increased colour gamut for rich impact and intense blacks to enhance print appeal
  • Optimized for digital printing
  • Exceptional sharpness: type, graphics, images
  • State-of-the-art paper emulsion technology for long-lasting prints

Prints on these papers can turn around in 24 hours.

True B&W

True B&W ILFORD GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER is a premium quality black and white, panchromatic photographic paper that has a neutral image colour. Bond Imaging processes True Black & White Ilford Silver Gelatin Paper in traditional liquid chemistry.

GALERIE RC DIGITAL SILVER has been designed using the very latest black and white silver halide emulsion technology. It has spectral sensitivity and exposure characteristics specially suited to optical digital exposure systems with tricolour laser enlargers such as the Lambda by Durst.

  • Produces Real Silver Gelatin Resin Coated Prints
  • Coated onto a bright white, medium weight (190g/m²) base
  • Water resistant, resin-coated base
  • Excellent contrast, sharpness and surface finish
  • Prints are lightfast and also archival

The results are equal to those seen when using conventional black and white printing materials and exposing equipment

Requires 3 days for printing.



Face Mounted: Acrylic Face Mounting is the process of mounting acrylic to the front of a photographic print. This process protects the print against dirt and scratching, while increasing colour brilliance, intensity and saturation.Bolted Face acrylics

Free Standing: Your files are printed on Metallic paper and then face mounted to a 40mm polished Acrylic block and finished at the back with a black vinyl. This high end product has a 3D Metallic effect. 5×5” blocks are perfect for mantle displays, ideal for home, office or as a gift.


Art Mounts

Made from a lightweight polyurethane foam, Artmount is ideal for temporary displays and one-off exhibitions where having something lightweight is important to keep work easy to transport. It is not recommended for items that will be reused as it is easily damaged without delicate handling. Artmounts have finished plastic edging.

Artmounts are available for both Lustre and Metallic prints with either black or white edging.


Canvas Prints, Gallery Wraps and Print Wraps

Canvas Prints: Prints are printed on a superior inkjet printer, on high quality stock using environmentally safe eco-solvent inks.

Gallery Wraps: Prints are printed on a superior inkjet printer, on high quality stock using environmentally safe eco-solvent inks, then stretched and wrapped around a solid wooden frame. Comes with hooks and string for instant hanging. Comes in both 2″ and 3″ depths.

Print Wraps: There are three stages involved in the print wrap canvas process. The photograph is printed digitally, then the emulsion is stripped and pressed onto the canvas using a heat process. The canvas is then stretched and stapled to a wooden frame. Comes in a 3″ depth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I create an account that uses Bond Imaging as the Pro Lab
A. You can create a Fotomerchant account at this link: // and your account will use Bond Imaging as the default pro lab.

Q. I already have a Fotomerchant account. When will I be able to make Bond Imaging my automated fulfilment lab?
A. Yes. If you are an Australian customer and would like to change the pro lab associated with your account to Bond, please send an email to support at and we will be able to get the switch started for you.

Q. Can I use Bond Imaging as my pro lab if I have an international Fotomerchant account?
A. Bond Imaging products are available to Australian customers only and as such is only available as a pro lab to Australian account holders.

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Derek is Engineering Czar and Co-founder of Fotomerchant. He once picked up a camera and started shooting but everyone screamed so he stopped.

  • Georgina

    Hi there, I am wondering if Foto Merchant can facilitate adding print numbers (e.g. 1/100) and signatures to prints and canvas?

    • fotomerchant

      Hi Georgina,

      so sorry this looks to have slipped past us! Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to facilitate this through Direct Fulfillment unless you were to have the orders shipped to yourself to manually edit the products before shipping on again to the customer..

      You could also manage this process via Self Fulfillment though it may still require two rounds of shipping.
      To help us keep track of this as a feature request please feel free to post the idea in our public Feature Request forum –

      I hope this helps and apologies again for the tardy reply..