Event Gallery Layout 2.0

The new Event gallery layout brings some exciting new options to the Geneva theme in Fotomerchant. We set out to modernize this gallery layout and collaborated with one of our favourite Fotomerchant photographers Ben Goode from Earth Art to do so. We’re really excited about the end result and hope Fotomerchant customers enjoy this great new design!

Jumbo Lightbox


The large image preview (lightbox) for the Event layout now displays images at double the size. Amazing photographs look crisp in detail and are sure to impress your clients and website visitors. We’ve also added support for displaying image titles and description. Images can now also be added to shopping carts directly from the lightbox, or added to favourites. Unique image links has also been added!

Improved Image Loading

Improved Image Loading

When a gallery first loads with the new Event gallery layout, only the images visible to the website visitor at the top of the page will load first. This means pages load faster and visitors no longer need to wait for the entire page of images to load. The images at the top are given priority and gracefully fade in when they are loaded. As the user scrolls down, more and more images are shown using a smooth faded in animation for a very sleek experience.

Tons of New Event Gallery Layout Options

The grid of image thumbnails is now fully customizable with options to choose a look and feel that best suits you.

Native Aspect vs Square Crop Thumbnails

Choose to show your image thumbnails as either square crops or in their native aspect ratio. When images are square cropped, we apply face detection so your subjects always stay seem.



Theme Colour Thumbnail Backgrounds

Displaying the theme image background colour makes


Multiple Grid Options

Show your image thumbnails at either 2, 3, 4 or 6 across the page!





Want to see it in action?

The amazing Steve has put this video together to walk Fotomerchant customers through the new Event gallery layout for the Geneva theme. Check it out!

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Gabriel is Head of Development at Fotomerchant and spends his days looking after the development team and working with Fotomerchant customers on how to improve the platform.

  • Gaye

    Hi there. Quick question. I am a phoenix gallery user will there be any updates or totally new gallery layouts being introduced. I am currently researching for a new website template at present for my current fotomerchant based phoenix site.

  • fotomerchant

    Hi there Gaye.. There are some very exciting new developments on the way in terms of brand new themes and mobile responsive templates. However the existing Phoenix and Geneva themes themselves won’t be updated. We don’t yet have a solid eta to offer on the arrival of the new features but we’ll be sure to keep you updated via Twitter and our Facebook page..


    I hope this helps!