New Social Network Buttons

With a cleaner design, the new social network buttons are sure to impress!

At Fotomerchant we’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the various social networks – in particular a dislike for the buttons they each make available to share content with.

These are the social network buttons we’re referring too on the right…

Historically these buttons have always been a sore point for us. Their customisability is very limited. They each require pages to include tons of additional Javascript to display, which in turn increases page load times. They all have their own unique technical nuances that make each different, so they never look great next to each other. Sometimes they even caused errors!

Something had to change...

We recently embarked on replacing the social network buttons available on Fotomerchant powered websites. With the release of our new mobile friendly website themes we also wanted these social network buttons to look great and generally not look ugly.

With these new social network buttons, we have also included some much sought after changes. Firstly, we have the addition of “Share via email” support. Website visitors will now be able to email their friends and family links to the images or blog posts that they love on Fotomerchant powered websites. Secondly, the Facebook “like” capability has been replaced with the more-intuitive Facebook “share”.

New Social Page Links

In addition to this is the availability of new Social Page Links. Within your Fotomerchant account under Website Settings it is now possible to set the location of all your social media pages. Filling out the links to your social network pages will auto-magically display the relevant social network links on your website in a consistent and clean manner.

Now Fotomerchant customers can easily display all the links to their social network pages to better connect with their customers.

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Gabriel is Head of Development at Fotomerchant and spends his days looking after the development team and working with Fotomerchant customers on how to improve the platform.