Radelaide Hookup

Great stuff! If you clicked the link from the email I sent you, then we’ve got your contact information.

Now all we have to do is wait for a couple more people to say they’re keen and we’ll organise a date. The next question is where to have it…

I’ve always been fond of the Exeter (but that’d be a bit noisy) or perhaps the Grace Emily (but there’s no good place to get a projector up on the wall). If you can suggest a great location, let us know.

Feel free to bring a photographer friend, or get them to contact us directly to be added to the invite list.

P.S. sorry to hear about those Crows… what is it five games down and no end in sight? go you Swannies!

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  • Crown and Sceptre could be suitable – they have a back area for DJs and schtuff that could have a projector area.

  • Ah yes, that’s a great venue. Last time I was there I saw Supaphatass there. Nice suggestion.

  • Mel Neumann

    Rob Roy has Projector etc

  • Oh wow, the Rob Rob brings back some memories… the last time I was there was 1993. Showing my age now. Great suggestion Mel.