Refer friends to Fotomerchant

Refer your friends to Fotomerchant and get your subscription for free. The Fotomerchant referral program is that simple.

How it works

For every friend you tell about Fotomerchant, you can receive up to $36 credit towards your own subscription when they sign up for a paid plan. Put simply, if you were to refer 20 of your friends to Fotomerchant and 12 of them signed up for the $14 monthly plan, you would get $168 (12 x $14) in credit. In addition to that, each of those 12 friends would also get $14 credit for signing up on your recommendation!


The details

Every single photographer who uses Fotomerchant has been given a special referral page to share! (You can see mine above). You can find the unique link to your own referral page by logging in to your account and going to the Referrals & Rewards page in the My Account area. When you get there you will see a page like this:


There are a number of elements on this page aimed at helping you get closer to your goal of a free subscription! The most important element is the unique link to your referral page. This is the link you need to share with your friends so that you get the credit if they sign up. We’ve conveniently placed a number of ready to go buttons on the page so that you can quickly refer your friends to Fotomerchant via Twitter, Facebook, Google and email.

You can also monitor how successful your referrals are going. The table in the “Activity” section tells you who, when and what is going on with each of your friends. That way you can bug them like crazy if they don’t sign up (you may not want to do this if you wish to keep your friends – ed).

Finally at the bottom right you can see how much credit you have earned and how much you have used.

Referral credit, what’s it good for?

The credit you and your friends earn each time you refer someone to a paid plan can be used for any costs within the Fotomerchant platform with the exception of fees charged for printed goods from our partner pro labs. There is no limit to the amount of credit you can accumulate and it never expires.

Refer your friends today

Go to the Referral and Rewards section in your account and start telling your friends, followers and colleagues about Fotomerchant today.

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Derek is Engineering Czar and Co-founder of Fotomerchant. He once picked up a camera and started shooting but everyone screamed so he stopped.