Website Metrics with Fotomerchant 3

Dive deep into the analytics of your website with Metrics in Fotomerchant 3.

Since early 2015 we have been gathering metrics about Fotomerchant websites in preparation for the release of Fotomerchant 3. Coupled with other amazing features available in Fotomerchant 3, the Metrics on offer also mark a refreshing change to the backend administration area of your website.

If you have ever asked questions like:

  • What areas of my website are most popular?
  • Which hour of the day is busiest on my website?
  • How successful have my blog posts been?
  • How do I effectively optimise my websites with the help of Spamzilla?
  • Where in the world does my internet traffic come from?
  • Who is referring traffic to my website?
  • What social networks are generating website traffic for me?
  • What devices do my customers use to view my website?

… then we’re extremely happy to announce that this information is now available as part of Fotomerchant 3. By upgrading to Fotomerchant 3 on a Grow or higher plan, you will have immediate access to visitor metrics from early 2015 and onwards. Metrics are conveniently available on the new account Dashboard when logging in to your account. Additionally, a new left-hand menu section has been dedicated to “Metrics” that will grow over time to include more information beyond our initial offering of Visitor Metrics.

Getting started with Visitor Metrics

Visitor Metrics is the first foray into the insightful world of website analytics for Fotomerchant. This is available to all customers that choose a Grow or higher plan. Within each user account, the left-hand menu now features a dedicated section for “Metrics” whereby “Visitor” metrics is initially available.

Website metrics are updated each hour to reflect the latest trends in visitor traffic. Review website traffic in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly breakdowns to see if historically traffic is on the rise or decline. If mobile traffic dominates your online traffic then perhaps it is time to consider one of our new Mobile Friendly website themes.

The account dashboard has also had a lift. Quickly view overall website visitor traffic for the past 30 days on login to your account, alongside a snapshot of the most popular galleries and web pages. If customer orders require attention, a quick list of orders will also be shown to make sure you’re always on top of what is going on with your website.

The Pages and Blog areas have also been spruced up to display how many unique views each page or blog post has received.

What is still to come?

We are only just getting started with our analytics party! We genuinely plan to enhance the existing offer with more depth and insight into the traffic websites generate. We look forward to releasing even more metrics on the behaviours and trends of e-commerce, search, traffic referrers and mobile to name a few. We also look forward to receiving feedback from our users regarding what else they would like to see in terms of Metrics.

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Gabriel is Head of Development at Fotomerchant and spends his days looking after the development team and working with Fotomerchant customers on how to improve the platform.

  • Love Metrics, thanks guys. Truly useful tool.


    obviously you write the talking and very knowing question in here and article help us to know more about metrics. I think visitors can understand easily of this post.


    obviously you write the talking and very knowing question in here and article help us to know more about metrics. I think visitors can understand easily of this post.